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Sunday, 3 October 2010

So here is a one of the storyboard versions that we have or will have. Some shots are missing, that because I can not see them clearly. I couldn't draw a town, I think, we need model it and then play with camera...etc
According to my own experience - during the next processes everything may change.


  1. Jack Stevenson said...

    Hey hey, love that you have updated it but i think it still needs a little more umpfh. Think bigger and better, like the lab, make it a huge hospital, give it some cars, lights. Make it so you become proud of it, look at 1960s objects that are in your shots, like towns.... http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2477/3844702155_f909e86718_z.jpg .... lab, look at hospitals, big buildings with a almighty presents... http://www.atlantatimemachine.com/images/Veterans%20Hospital%201960s.jpg... there is so many ways to take this, just have a look, build on perspective, choose camera angles now, even if your not going to use them its good to think like you are so you know what your looking for!

  2. anewman said...

    In terms of hospital and bigger building. I'm agree with you , however is it wise to use big building. Because it will make sense, that something avarage or small on the surfaces can be bigger and complicated under. Because think a little bit further when we start modelling everything, we must think about it. Still I agree with you, the building and shots are not good. They must represent actual shots not idea - agree with you. Cars ? Ehmm, yes, I can add them, but do you want to model a car park with cars ? I don't know, but I can do as you ask. Still I need work on this, a help from the group would be appreciated.

  3. Jack Stevenson said...

    yeah i understand, but this lab has a big precents in our film, we want it to look big and almighty, dont forget its a military building, its powerfall, and yes it has a underground bunker, Yesterday i watched splice, check it out, i think it could give us a little impiration to gadgets...

    Cars, well one or two, i wasnt thinking so much a car park full of them, maybe two cars and a bike, maybe a bus and a mod of one of our existing cars into a taxi??

  4. anewman said...

    And we need put there a lot of american flags as exaggeration of their patriotism.

    And still, about one or two cars and the bus, I don't know who will model them :D
    But I will do my best to draw everything on paper or digitally.

  5. Laura~Bekir said...

    Well since I'm doing Character design, I take into account the high possibility that I'm modelling it too, so, with that in mind, making a couple of cars, or any accessories like lampposts, fire hydrants, stuff like that wouldnt be a problem for me, after all me and The Hylander are gonna be working quite closely during this project in terms of helping each other improve our modelling skills. When it comes to the buildings, we will need interior and exterior, like i said, acessories, desks, sofas etc aren't a problem at all,theyre fast to make, but I doubt I can do buildings and landscape, environment etc too, its a big workload, so that job will have to be taken from me :P

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