Inspire Studios UK is a animation studio based in Medway, Kent. We work within the film industry, specialising in movie trailers and advertisement. We have a team of experts who have well crafted skills in 3D Modelling, Animation, Special Effects, Concept art and Charecter Design.
If you wish to contact us our email is InspireStudiosUK@gmail.com. We also have a Facebook page where you can find out about all news and features as they happen.

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Meeting on Friday....

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 3 comments

Ok we have a meeting on friday at 2pm, if you cant make it please comment asap and we can discuss times etc.

Timetable - Week 2

Monday, 27 September 2010 0 comments

Ok so just so there is no confusion. With you inital storyboards i want you to just read threw the plot and draw what comes to mind, and key ideas what ever, elaborate, draw bigger, describe, doesnt matter just make it so we can all understand your work :) bring it along on wednesday after postmodernism. Enjoy.

The Plot

Wednesday, 22 September 2010 4 comments

Ok so me and Alex brain stormed an idea with the help of Phil and Simon.

Heartville Experimental L-Cystine Labs (H.E.L.L) are conducting test on various animals as part of a Military project, although the testing is not strictly legal. A particular Rabbit is tested with a new concentrated formula of L-Cystine which goes horribly wrong in the mutation stages. The Rabbit escapes from its cage and burrows under the grounds of Heartville. It creates carnage to the town and kills masses of people by consuming buildings from under the ground using its burrows to navigate under the streets. The army move in to try and contain the threat and locks down the town and its resources. One ordinary man is the only one who can slave the giant beast in order to protect his town and his new found love which would also be the Army Generals daughter.

Any views please contact me asap as you guys didn't turn up today :(

I have also created a budget sort of thing mainly looking at wages but I don't know how seriously we should do that. Me and Alex have also made a list of jobs that need to be done and when we all meet we can assign jobs.

Guide and Rules

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 0 comments

I think it will be a good idea to set up some rules and perhaps guides to help us work as a team and so we wont fall into any conflcts as individuals.

  • Only post when everyone has been consulted and are happy (i.e. ideas concept art ect)
  • any ideas you do have bring along to our meetings or present on skype/msn 
  • other than that i think its just general things like be considerate, try to keep tempers, be understanding and patient, but most of all have fun!
Our next steps should consist of:

  • Creating skype accounts as its easy to have online meetings where we can use microphones and send data if needed.
  • Bring together our ideas, sketches etc. Produce a plot to work on so we can quickly produce business reports and jobs
  • Get a studio name
  • Create a logo
  • Compile a tick list and a effective work flow sheet (to show who has done what, what is next to do and deadlines)


Monday, 20 September 2010 0 comments


Team: Jack, Laura, Aju & Aleksandr.

We are taking part in a animation festival called RetroFest which is part of UCA Rochester. We have been given the title 'Revenge of the Bunny from Hell' of which we have to produce a high end B-Movie trailer.