Inspire Studios UK is a animation studio based in Medway, Kent. We work within the film industry, specialising in movie trailers and advertisement. We have a team of experts who have well crafted skills in 3D Modelling, Animation, Special Effects, Concept art and Charecter Design.
If you wish to contact us our email is InspireStudiosUK@gmail.com. We also have a Facebook page where you can find out about all news and features as they happen.

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Revenge of the Radioactive Bunny from H.E.L.L, Final Trailer

Monday, 24 January 2011 0 comments

300 DPI Stills


Here is some still from the animation.

The Lab:

The Hallway:

The Town:

The City


Here is a still and a quick animation of the city which was meant to be the intro scene,there are some technical and light glicthes, which i might fix at a later date.

The Making of Documentation

Friday, 21 January 2011 0 comments


Wednesday, 19 January 2011 0 comments

Here are the last few test renders, the last one is the latest and final one :)

Some more time savers

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 0 comments

Just looking around at some scripts, some nice one out there to save render/personal time.

This one allows you to render multiple files at one time. This is also help full if you need to render more than one camera. jawa9000.com/Technical/batch/batch-rendering.htm

It is also possible to just close maya while batch rendering, this is also good as you can allow more memory for maya to use. Give them a go, it is worth it!

Tumbling down the rabbit hole


So deadline is just around the corner and the work flow has really picked up. I am glad with the way things have finally picked up but it is a little too late to create our dream for this animation.

To make this work we really have to be organised and productive as possible. Firstly CUTS, we need to save render time and not burn out our cpus. We don't need this to be too pretty, little extras would be nice but we just don't have the time to do it. Save time by adding things in editing if needs be.

Try to keep lighting down and polly count low. Depending on how you are rendering, lower the settings. If your using mental ray, lower the final gather settings a bit, final gather adds about 5 seconds to your time so its worth doing.

The time for any modelling is now over, we have to get into rendering ASAP! Start to finish up now and start to think about any animation that needs to be done. Ideally you will be rendering tonight and tomorrow and applying those final touches in editing before the final composition takes place.

We are also lowering the resolution to 1152x648. Make sure you take a note of that. When it comes to premier/AE use the settings in PAL Widescreen to ensure we all have the same size. Audio rate will be 48.

If you are sending a scene to someone make sure the scene is clean and doesn't have any; textures, groups, objects, lights and layers that aren't being used. When you have finished group your scene if you have to send it across, name it and layer it. Try to use naming conventions everywhere so it isn't as confusing for the other person. The little things like this will save time, even naming you scene correctly helps alot! I would suggest YOYRNAME_FILENAME_TYPEOFSCENE.ext. It will save confusion and therefore less problems will occur.

The next few nights/days are vital, make them count!

Press Junket: Poster


Press Junket: Teaser


Heartville Town

Thursday, 13 January 2011 3 comments

This is some of AJs work. The town centre where we will have a fly over towards the laboratory. We want this scene to be a dream scape of a town, sunny, traditional and full of life.

Here are some of the buildings:

And a the town:

The Hallway


Here is out hallway that Alex has been working on. We have been trying to establish a more gritty and industrial feel the scene.

Mr & Mrs Generic


Mr Generic:

Mrs Generic

I created the female first, I fell into alot of problems with the geometry on the face. I also modelled the hands facing forwards. In the male I used a different topology technique and modelled the hands flat.