Inspire Studios UK is a animation studio based in Medway, Kent. We work within the film industry, specialising in movie trailers and advertisement. We have a team of experts who have well crafted skills in 3D Modelling, Animation, Special Effects, Concept art and Charecter Design.
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Friday, 29 October 2010 0 comments

Monday: 12:00 - 16:00(17:00). Work progress, futher discussion and work distribution.
Wednesday: 14:00 - 16:00. General discussions.

To all: Be on time and prepared.

Vechile Concepts

Sunday, 17 October 2010 2 comments

These are the different vechile concepts that i have come up with, however they do require a lot more refining and tunning but for a b movie they should do fine. However these took just way to long to shadow and colour in as it was hard to do it in black and white. Let me know what you guys think? However some of the concepts were a bit rushed too.

Concepts , turnarounds, bunnys main details, first lab and street

Saturday, 16 October 2010 2 comments

Okay so I've been working on the rabbit a little more, I don't think he can be any more redefined untill it comes to modelling, I have his turnarounds,and a sheet showing his major details like the ribs and the most prominent wounds/rotting flesh. maybe an expression sheet is needed? I dont know if thats neccesary for this type of character, what can he do but roar really? I've done another concept based off the smoke scene at the end, one black and white and one colour, and I've also been modelling the street, which is gonna need duplicating a bit, and the car added. I modelled a rough outside of the lab with car park and the underground tunnels, but the design of this building has never really been focussed on and verified so I did it in a usual hospital style with little happy bushes outside, and flags above the door to give that ''everything is friendly on the outside'' feel. Theres plenty of time and opportunity for improvement on these but its a previs anyway so it shouldnt get too fancy. again when i do the car for the street scene i'll be able to add to this scene some cars in the car park.

New Job Roles

Thursday, 14 October 2010 0 comments

Ok its that time to start bringing our ideas to life. Animatic and Pre-viz are on the agenda. 

We have spoken about this a lot recently and I'm sure you are all happy with the job roles which are:

Pre Viz - Alex & Laura

Animatic- AJ & Jack

If your not please, please say! We need to resolve any key ideas/problems asap and become as productive as possible (not pushing, honest :P). I will try and get as many hours in as possible to get this work finished as I think it will be a good idea to plan our presentation with evidence and resulting work.

Still waiting for a few things from people which preferably should be up now to fit in with the flow of the blog. They are, final concepts from Laura & Aj and Laura you need to send me and AJ your final boards ready for the animatic. Alex you need to upload the storyboards as you have them perhaps filling in some descriptions of each shot.


So what I'd suggest to do next is, Laura and Alex you two need to talk about what shots are important to get out, these to me would be technical and possibly confusing shots such as, town fly over, in car shot, tank, wire frame of underground & destroyed town. You two need to designate each other to jobs/shots.

AJ and I need to assign shots also and start compiling a catalogue of sound effects & music for each shot. We then need to edit together the shot and compile a Voice over with script.

I think now would be a great time to upload any personal research to our own blogs, so I would suggest to you guys that we all keep a close eye on each others blogs (links on the left hand side of this blog).

Wednesday, 13 October 2010 2 comments

The last panel for our storyboard

Concept Art...

Monday, 11 October 2010 0 comments

The Town:

The Lab (exterior):

The Hallway:

The Lab (interior):

Storyboard panels redrawn.


Okay so, team, here are the storyboards that needed redrawing, most of them are done to a good standard, but there are a couple that are gonna need to be given a little more detail and overall touching up, which will most likely be done tomorrow morning. I included the extra stills to show things like swinging rabbit foot and flashy red lights because I know they'll be used in our animatic.

The car hasnt yet been added to this picture, like I said, it needs finishing. lamposts too.

I changed the side of the steering wheel, since we're doing america.

hospital needs windows etc

We had a few suggestions about this panel, so the text is easily editable

Havent yet drawn the scary face panel either, saved it for last.