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Meeting ... Wed 6 Oct.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Me and Alex again. We have gone threw a few problems that consist within the storyboard. As I said we want to sure of how to add the leg into our boards. We came up with a shot idea, between the town and lab we are going to have a car driving along, the camera on the back seat, and the foot hanging from the rear view mirror. The camera tracks along with the lab as the car approaches it keeping the foot in shot. Or we have the second more simple and less technical, yet possibly better shot. Again in the car maybe at more of and angle and we have the foot in focus and the lab in the back ground, then the focus shifts to the lab.

I also want to highlight that this isn't going to be a too serious trailer, the town is going to look like a model place in some shots and the rabbit is going to be a man in a suit... we need to emphasise on this a little more!

We have also discussed roles and jobs that need to be done.

Laura, you need to fill in the gaps of the storyboard where we have the rabbit in its full glory.. you need to forward these onto Alex asap as he need to compile them into the storyboard. We also spoke about the concept art. What is done is great but it still needs work done on it. It needs more of a broken and shaggy look, maybe some cuts and loss of fur in places. It also needs to look like its being worn by a person, a bit droopy in places, and a zipper!

AJ, I need help with the concept art, I have a list of 12 different designs to do. As i want the best and only the best I need help, so I am assigning you to the vehicles, so far we have a Tank, at least 2 types of cars, Pick up truck, military pick up and inside a car. If you could do this for me for Friday. Don't forget its the 1950s and cars look different, colours are a little different and we are in a town, cars wont get scratched or dirty too much.

Alex, you know what you have to do but I will post it any way... Your working on the storyboards, try your hardest, i know you will struggle but make them filmic as much as possible, imagine you have paused a film on a scene and you draw that!
Secondly, the script. It needs work, if we are to send it off to a narrator it cant go wrong. So go over it, I will be doing so too. Think of it as a description of our plot, but broken up with pictures and titles.

Finally me... I will be helping alex with the script, with grammar ect. I will also be doing the location design,

I just want to highlight a few things... The film is set in the 1950s... its old, people had funny hair and dressed in a odd way, on top of that they got scared easily.... we don't need to be too serious with this, we are making a B-Movie... B standing for BAD!! in our case Very Bad!! We are also producing a trailer, not the full film, look at trailers and you will see there isn't a lot of content.

Ok so deadline!! Friday!! all of this has to be done by friday, time is running out too fast and there is still so much to do! Also we need to meet friday so if people will comment about a time, i am thinking 2pm.. so its not too early and not too late.


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