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Concepts , turnarounds, bunnys main details, first lab and street

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Okay so I've been working on the rabbit a little more, I don't think he can be any more redefined untill it comes to modelling, I have his turnarounds,and a sheet showing his major details like the ribs and the most prominent wounds/rotting flesh. maybe an expression sheet is needed? I dont know if thats neccesary for this type of character, what can he do but roar really? I've done another concept based off the smoke scene at the end, one black and white and one colour, and I've also been modelling the street, which is gonna need duplicating a bit, and the car added. I modelled a rough outside of the lab with car park and the underground tunnels, but the design of this building has never really been focussed on and verified so I did it in a usual hospital style with little happy bushes outside, and flags above the door to give that ''everything is friendly on the outside'' feel. Theres plenty of time and opportunity for improvement on these but its a previs anyway so it shouldnt get too fancy. again when i do the car for the street scene i'll be able to add to this scene some cars in the car park.


  1. Jack Stevenson said...

    hey wow this is alot of work :D few this id suggest is try and keep to the concepts of the lab/town unless for a reason which you should make a note of pointing out, dont be affraid to if u think it should look a different way. I think an expression sheet would be kool, but yes we dont need many, maybe one with the normal expression and one with the roar/angry expression, maybe a front and left of both? It will help when it comes to moddeling.
    Also maybe one alteration to a concept to show it is an animatronic model.

    Other than that I love how this design is coming along, coolest thing ever :P

  2. Laura~Bekir said...

    cool yeah no problem, will squish the hospital down a little, add to the street scene to make a rough city to allow for camera movement and the destruction shots, ermm, yeah and i'll also link it up to a bit of suberb to allow for the first ''sign'' shot. its all going great!!

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