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Monday, 29 November 2010

Well it has been a while since this blog has seen any action so I think its time to knock things back into place and get the gears moving again.

I hope everyone has done some for of work for this, I have seen some evidence but not enough. I need you guys to upload some work, relevant, going to be changed, WIP, whatever! Because its time for some new material to start being produced, we are falling behind, so I feel, as a group.

Firstly Alex, I know you have been working on the inside of the lab, I know where you are and what direction you are heading and its working well. Keep it up and keep the world posted on your status.
AJ the building concepts were really working, I think you stopped at one point to get on with character, so its time to bring that back up and work on some more buildings, but you also need to get some maya stuff going. I would like you to start on the tank, I think it will be good for you and all of us to get and example of the gritty, rusty world that this is threw the force of the military.
Zakki, you have been quite distant. We have got a good style from you which has help drive us more than I think you realise? Anyway, I'm sure you have been working on the Rabbit in Maya, if you haven't could you start, think details and a get it ready to be rigged, that's the next stage for you!
I will be working on some characters to fill in space on the town, give it some life. They will be terribly simple yet dressed in lovely summer dresses and checked shirts and shorts!

I know there is a essay to be handed in soon but this project is not going to be put on hold anymore! Its been a long while since I felt happy with the way things are going, I hope you all understand that feeling! Lets start to bring it together and make a kick-ass animation.

Keep your blog up-to-date with rich work for this project, I will be keening a keen eye on things.

Comments as always guys!!

PS Zak- What happened to your blog? need you new address please, Blogger home page doesn't automatic update!


  1. Zakki~Bekir said...

    yup i have been working on the rabbit, I did a full detail model in Zbrush but as you can probably imagine its quite high poly, im working on a way to keep that lower. and my blog address is zakkicg.blogspot.com

  2. Jack Stevenson said...

    Kool, updated :) Can you upload your work or send me via something asap, i would like to give yo some direction/interpenetration on this, he is our main guy!

  3. Alan Postings said...

    Glad to see you are getting back on track people. More posts please!

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