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Concept art / designs

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

concept art of the suburb houses. note the beams and symmetry. also, I did some detailed ones concerning window styles, as well as 2 floored ones, and renders of 3d versions made at home, so please wait and see them later on when i upload them from home.

first concept of lab. i also have a 3d version. and a sketch which will also be uploaded, with better window styles that I couldnt do on maya.

Okay this is the best picture to see the style of buildings I'm working for, you can see the modern style, with that retro 'niceness'' and the homage to the countryside in the windows. here we have 2 skyscrapers, a warehouse (no fancy windows on this) a 2 floored shop with large display windows and the taller building which could easily serve as a filler to flesh out our scenes.

the concept of the corridor. the door we are standing at (theoretically) leads behind us into the laboratory workspace, and the door in front (lighted) is open to show the main text subject being held separately, awaiting results of experiments.

This was me testing out brushes and thinking about composition, whereas this doesnt look exactly like our city, this can be referred to when we come to think about amounts of destruction, smoke etc. what is too much, what swamps the city?

first concept of suburbs, trying to get the feel of the black and white, how much contrast.

this is a more resolved concept, this shows the houses in more detail. note the beams around the middle of the buildings, separating the floors. giving a more solid, safe feel. also the beam under the roof, and the half circle windows.

Okay guys, my apologies, I did swerve off and lose contact again, sorry about that, I'm still not used to the ''group'' thing, however, I've specified my idea of what the town should look like, using the rabbit as a reference.
The style ive used, in terms of time and art direction is a mixture of a modern/retro city, with neat symmetrical buildings, but also, using the rabbit's ''somethings different'' aspect, I have encorporated a tiny influence from country style houses, such as every building having beams dividing each floor, you'll see in the concept art that each building has this, along with another beam beneath the roof. also most of the buildings except the warehouse type, flat building have half circle type small windows above the main ones. this is also a homage to old country style houses which give the rabbit a sense of belonging in the town. if the rabbit was to be shown against the buildings, the sense given off by this design would end up as a modern, twisted 'Peter Rabbit'' look.

I have drawn some concepts for the laboratory scene, in this we have a high contrast black and white scene, meant to show that the laboratory is a professional place, but the lighting and the mess of the wires suggests somethings wrong. as in the corridor, with lines of cages along each side, and one single room at the end containing the current test subject. 'suburb' buildings are to have porches and to have a all symmetrical, neat and tidy, ''edward scizzorhands'' feel, as we move into the city, it remains the same with shops, skyscrapers etc. the laboratory on the outside still should remain neat and symmetrical, but it's odd shape stands out amongst the friendliness of the city and shows somethings not quite right.

also, i really like the big tower thing that is in the post before me, It fits the style of modern but also a little bit country and ''old''/''retro'', suiting the rabbit, but also the eeriness that the mutation brings. if you agree with this style then its all good, if you dont understand it ask me, if not it can change, more to come later on. including more accurate line drawings


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