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concept, lampost,fruit crate.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Over the weekend I've done another concept, this one took absolutely ages, I tried to encorporate more detail and make sure that they give a clear message instead of previous ''mood drawings''. I looked at the photo above and took some ideas from it, such as the lampposts and signs sticking out of the buildings. Since we're modelling smaller things now, I made one of the lamposts and did some tests so that we can put spotlights in them and they'll light up, which was frustrating but turned out good. they could do with a 'dirt' texture map i think, but copying the pictures I made them dark grey so I don't know if dirt would be visible anyway. Ialso made a crate of apples for the shop in the middle of my concept, everythings grouped etc so colours can be changed really easily.


  1. Jack Stevenson said...

    ah kool, was woundering where u have gotten to :) not too keen on the lamp post, to me it looks quite british, but i duno see what the others think, it still works dont get me wrong, im just picky :P

    concept works :) i like the apples, all id say is beat it up a little, a rule i like by now... Imperfection is Perfection, meaning you never want a 100% clean scene unless it is supposed to be.

  2. Zakki~Bekir said...

    well the photograph was in a google search of 1950's america, I took the lamp post from there.so I changed it a bit. and yeah i'm gonna redo the textures on the fruit etc, did'nt have a lot of time to do it tonight. I wanna use the same crate for other fruit too. gotta have some variety.

  3. Jack Stevenson said...

    yeah i can see it is, just could be me :P

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